The Making of ChromaBit’s Xmas Video


This year, we’re going to present to you how ChromaBit embarrasses themselves to death as Christmas greeting…nah, kidding. But, for the records we were embarrassed as hell while recording this video. So, we decided to do a lipdub of one of the most known Christmas song in human history, Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You.

We’ve separated the recording sessions into three sessions because not everyone is free to record the video at one time. The first session was on Wednesday, 26th of November. Cindy was not free to film on 28th because she had an exam so we decided to record her part on Wednesday.

Then, on the 28th, everyone of us minus Cindy, Dean and Desmond recorded our parts. It was very awkward and embarrassing for most of us. Some were not familiar with the song making it even harder for them to mime it. But, in the end, everyone prevailed and managed to do a pretty good job miming the song ;)

On the 1st Dec (Monday), we recorded Desmond’s and Dean’s parts after Jay and Desmond came back from their laptops shopping. We wrapped it all up in an hour or so and then I straight away transferred the files on my laptop and began editing the video.


Not gonna lie, I cracked so many times while editing because it was funny seeing how we try to embarrass ourselves. And the song is stuck in my head after editing it for so many hours. The basic premise of the video is having fun, after all so yeah, I hope you guys had fun while watching our video :D

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