Reza’s Surprise Birthday

If you have read our recent blog posts on our team’s birthdays, you would realize that here at ChromaBit, we’re big fans of birthday surprises! And for the very last birthday celebration for 2015, of course we had to do another surprise!

On November 3rd, it was our Media Director, Reza’s 27th birthday! Coincidentally, he was feeling under the weather, so that made our office surprise a whole lot easier as he was too blur to notice all the signs!

We got a cake from a bakery nearby. The funny part was when we were standing in front of a whole array of cakes, trying to decide which cake to buy, we noticed that one of the cakes had a ukulele in white chocolate as one of the decorations. And so happen, one of Reza’s latest interest is playing the ukulele. It was like a sign!


We snuck the cake into the office’s fridge without him noticing. After lunch, we took the cake to our meeting room to prep it. Then, we realized we didn’t have a lighter! The ONLY one who carries a lighter is Reza! The girls tried to see if there were any random people smoking at the balcony on our floor to borrow a lighter from. Unfortunately, no such luck. After a couple of minutes, we went down to buy one from 7-Eleven.

We were then able to light the candles, and as part of the surprise, we called for an impromptu ‘meeting’. Reza, already sick, was not too happy to be called for a meeting. When he got into the room and saw the cake with lighted candles, he was surprised! Apparently he did not suspect that coming at all!


This was a definite success! Great team effort! Looking forward to some more epic birthday surprises in 2016!


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