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So you’re in your final year, and you can’t shake off that sense of impending doom that your university life is about to come to an END, and you’ll be forced to enter the ‘working world’!

After reading that you’re probably screaming “NOOOOO, I DON’T WANT TO!” inwardly. *sigh* Yes, we get it. We’ve all been there. We don’t want the fun times to stop. We don’t want to be those ‘emotionally drained working adults’ whose lives just revolve around work, with a close to non-existent social life.

You’re probably on this page right now looking for an internship that would prepare and equip you with the tools you need to enter the ‘working world’ upon graduation. And with any other internship, you’ll also get the feel of how it is like to be one of the ‘emotionally drained working adults’. BUT, not here. What if we told you that you’ll learn all the skills you’ll need, minus the ‘un-fun’ part? At Chromabit, we strive to be different. We like ideas. We like casual. We like awesomeness. We like creativity. We like commitments.

We don’t work 9-5 ever. You get to choose your own lifestyle. And best of all, ChromaBit makes you a better person from the day you walked into our office.

Graphic/Web Design Intern


Daily Tasks:

Videographer Intern


Daily Tasks:

Project Management Intern


Daily Tasks:

Here’s What Our Former Interns Had To Say...

I really enjoyed working with the team here, they’re real fun and positive people to work with!

Stephanie, Project Management Intern, June-July '15

My video graphing skills were fully utilized and put to the test during my time here. The team was also very welcoming and friendly!

Mohammad, Videographer Intern, March-August '15

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