Fun Friday With Chromabit New Member

We recently added a few new members to our awesome and ever-growing ChromaBit team. The first addition for the team is Reza, our awesome hybrid. He is our new mixture of copywriter and graphic designer. The other addition to the team is Ain, who is a wise and informative content writer for the team.

As you may know, according to our company culture, Friday is Freedom Friday where we do activities together to further enhance team bonding. For this week activity, we decided to go to a CyberCafe and play video games for team bonding. Since this is the month of Ramadhan, we choose to stay away from strenuous activity to respect Reza and Ain who is fasting, hence playing games at a CyberCafe.

The ChromaBit team was divided into two with one team consisting of Desmond, Ain, Jay and Long. The other team consists of William, Reza, Yee Siong and Hannah.  Desmond decided that the best game to play to create team bonding was Left4Dead and Command & Conquer. Not everyone is as good in video games as the others, so that did make the game a little unbalanced. Hannah and Ain isn’t used to playing video games, so both team had to work extra in teaching them how to play.

All and all it was a good team bonding session. We had difficulties in getting everyone on the same game and on the same page, difficulties in teaching the non-gamers how to play and difficulties on getting the team to play as a team. The whole reason for team bonding is to overcome all of those difficulties and we manage to do so, as a TEAM!

More and more fun Fridays will come to further enhance our bonding in the office as a team and also as friends.  I will end this blog post with a quote that we can all learn from by Henry Ford – “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”.

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