Fun Friday: William’s Surprise Birthday Celebration!

William’s birthday this year got a little interesting. Let me just explain what went down.

So a couple of weeks before his birthday, during lunch, we were all discussing our birthdays and how we have celebrated them. When asked, William said his birthday would only be next year, which we took to meant that his birthday had already passed.

Now, on the morning of August 20th, which was a Wednesday, I woke up and did my daily morning routine check on Facebook notifications. And, BAM. There it was, a notification saying that today is William’s birthday! I was so stunned, and felt so cheated!

When I arrived at office, coincidentally everyone was already there except for William. They had all also seen the birthday notification and felt the same! So, in true ChromaBit fashion, we hatched a plan.

We planned that we would totally ignore the fact that it was his birthday, and pretend that we have absolutely no idea. So not ONE of us wished him on that day.

Two days later, on a Friday, we told him that Desmond wanted a ‘bonding session/coffee break’ at one of the cafes nearby sometime after lunch. As the café was within walking distance, two of us went to collect the cake we had ordered from Secret Recipe, while the rest (including William), went along first to the café.

Once we reached the café, we quickly gave the cake to the staff and proceeded to the table without William noticing it. After some of them had a couple of bites and drinks, we got the waiter to bring out the cake, and we all burst into a chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’. William was so stunned!




He definitely did not see that coming, so I would definitely rate this surprise as a huge success! We then confronted him about lying to us about his birthday, and he said technically he wasn’t lying as everyone has a birthday every year! -_____-


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