Fun Friday: Tascha’s Birthday

We recently had a lot of changes in our team, both positive and negative ones. What better way to celebrate the new vibes and kick out the bad ones than having a Fun Friday?

And so, that’s what we did. Since it was Tascha’s birthday last Tuesday, we decided to celebrate her birthday as a Fun Friday. Unfortunately, half of the team could not make it as they were away, but we made do!

Since it was just the 4 of us (we recently added a new intern, Stephanie!), we decided to just have lunch. The chosen venue was Nando’s at Nu Sentral Mall. Stephanie had a hard time choosing what to eat since it was her first time at Nando’s!


Of course, a birthday celebration isn’t complete without some cake! One of the members, Angeline, had made some chocolate birthday cupcakes for Tascha. As there was only 4 of us, it was definitely easier to finish rather than an entire cake! We forgot to get candles though, so Tascha was spared having to endure us singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to her in the restaurant. She was ecstatic that she didn’t have to go through that!





All in all, it was good fun. Look out for our next Fun Friday post!

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