lunch @ Sushi tei

Fun Friday Lunch at Sushi Tei

At Chromabit, we love it when our boss calls us and asks to get ready because he is planning to buy us lunch. First, there’s the flurry of decision-making—what place are we eating, what’s on the menu, what time will we be leaving? And then the office settles into a period of quiet anticipation in which productivity is high. Everyone’s lunch puzzle is solved and put out of mind and, yes, we are all looking forward to a free lunch.

Well Last Fun Friday, as we like to call it, our CEO Desmond Ong took us to Sushi Tei – The best place to have SUSHI in the town. It is just 5 minutes’ drive from our office. It’s situated in KL Sentral. As soon as the clock ticked 1’oclock, we rushed to the place.

lunch 3

As seen in the pictures, we made sure the table had no empty space left. So we had quite no. of varieties of sushi on the table.

First time Sushi

By providing a meal for the team, even a working lunch, our CEO helps create a few moments of relaxation within the familiar experience of sharing food. We’re more comfortable with a sandwich, bagel or slice of pizza in our hand, and it’s fun to find out what crazy things our coworkers like to eat. We take a break together, even if we don’t break stride.

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