Fun Friday: Halloween Night!

Halloween is not big here in Malaysia, but no one can deny that getting dressed up and getting scared/spooked on the supposedly ‘scariest night of the year’ isn’t fun!

So this year, we decided to shake things up a bit by attending Sunway Lagoon’s Nights of Fright 3.0! For those of you who are not familiar, Sunway Lagoon is one of Malaysia’s best-known theme parks. For this event, they turned the theme park into a fright festival, in true Halloween spirit!


When we entered the theme park, it truly was a sight to behold! Instead of seeing kids running about in their water rings while their parents try to catch up with them, we were greeted with a dark, smoke-y atmosphere, with all kinds of ‘creatures’ walking in zombie-like mode everywhere, preying on unsuspecting victims and scaring them!


The main attractions were Toxic – the scariest place unearthed, Kevil Hill – where Evil Lives, Escape from Pudu 2 together with scare zones like Sadako Dori, Death Port, Terrortory-X and The Carnival of Chaos. Of course, we had to go for all of it! There were a lot of high-pitch screams coming from the girls at all these spots, no surprises there! Unfortunately though, we weren’t allowed to take photos/videos inside these hotspots.


Our favourite one was Terrortory-X. All the other spots had a similar play by play to it, but this one was different. We went in groups of seven, and we were given a long raffia rope to hold in a line, so we won’t get lost from the group. We didn’t really understand why the rope was needed, and we weren’t really looking forward to finding out!

At first things were pretty okay, with Reza as the leader of the pack, we slowly walked through the ‘area’, with occasional weird mummy-zombie-aliens showing up out of nowhere *cue for screams*. Then we suddenly reached a tunnel, and we could see a lot of smoke coming out of it! We braced ourselves and entered ‘bravely’. The first few seconds we could still see a little bit of the surroundings, and suddenly there was just too much smoke, and we couldn’t see anything! We were literally walking blindly! Reza, who was dressed as a pirate, had a balloon-shaped sword, so he kept waving it frantically in front of him to see if there was anything in front of us!

As we couldn’t see, Reza’s balloon-shaped sword was our best bet to know if we’re hitting anything. We were walking ever so slowly, thinking the tunnel was never going to end, and suddenly Reza shouted that there might be something in front! Just as he said that, out of nowhere, ‘creatures’ came up close to the girls’ faces, and the high-pitch screams went off! Just as we thought this ‘torture tunnel’ was never going to end, we saw light and was so relieved to find a human person standing there greeting us! BUT, as soon as we let our guard down from relief that it was over, some maniac with a chainsaw starts running at us! We dashed out of there as fast as we could, screaming all the way!

After exhausting ourselves with all the screaming, we decided to watch one of the shows, Fire-Breathers, before leaving.



All in all, it was pretty good fun! Definitely looking forward to next year’s Halloween! Personal opinion, Malaysia should REALLY start celebrating this haunting day!


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