Fun Friday: Escape Room (Round 2)

So for our most recent Fun Friday, which was last week, the team decided to take another go at Escape Room, Times Square. This time round, the room we chose was ‘Taken: The Perfect Abduction’. The story behind the room was the president’s daughter had been kidnapped, and we, acting as ‘secret agents’, were tasked to rescue the daughter before the kidnappers return (45 minutes).

Before we began, the supervisor instructed us as to what we can and cannot do. One of the rules was we were not to touch anything in the room until the timer was set. Unfortunately, one of our members did, and coincidentally, it was the box that contained the first clue. So as punishment, our supervisor didn’t explain what we had to do for the first task, and we were left scrambling for answers in the first 20 minutes!

After wasting 20 minutes, we decided we should use the first hint. Within 2 minutes, we managed to solve the first puzzle (we were half way there already before the hint was given). After approximately 5-10 minutes, we managed to solve all the clues in the first room and unlocked the door to the second room. In the second room, after about 5 minutes of brainstorming on colours and numbers (and the aid of another hint), we managed to open the door, which led to a tunnel-like room, where we had to crawl past into the third room.

In the third room, there were a number of mathematical equations on the walls, so we got distracted by it, thinking we had to solve those in order to get the code to unlock the door. Time was running out, so we called for another hint, and turns out it had nothing to do with the mathematical equations, wasted our time! Once we cracked that, we thought we had won! So excitedly we scrambled out of the room, only to find that we still had one more room! The ‘president’s daughter’ (doll)  was bounded to a chair in that room, the sight of her actually gave us a fright when we first came into the room!

We had less than 2 minutes left, and we were running out of ideas on cracking the last clue. We brainstormed till the very last second, aaaand, we lost. It was such a bummer when the supervisor told us how to crack the clue, especially to the members who had went before (another room) for a previous Fun Friday and lost as well :(

After that, of course, taking group shots with some props, was definitely mandatory!




Hopefully, the third time round, we shall break our losing streak! After all, third time’s the charm ;D

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