Changing Lives

Everyone wants to make a difference. Everyone wants to be able to play a role, big or small, that could cause a positive impact on the world. Everyone wants to leave their lasting footprint on earth, even after being long gone.

Here at ChromaBit, we can proudly say that what we do makes a difference. Today, our CEO, Desmond, took us out to celebrate our latest achievement. In the early quarter of this year, Desmond had made it ChromaBit’s goal to successfully change 50 lives, for the better.

And today, Desmond told us that we have CHANGED 52 LIVES! Fifty-two people from all sorts of difficult backgrounds have managed to turn their lives around, by just trusting in us and using our products!

You may think that 52 is a small number. Yes, it is small, but it is a START. We have not even reached the end of the year and we have already reached one of our main goals! This shows that all the hard work and late nights that we have put in, is paying off in more ways than we could haveever imagined!

It is an amazing feeling to know that you’ve even changed ONE LIFE, but we have changed FIFTY-TWO. How can we NOT celebrate?!


I, for one, am really psyched to see where we’re going, and at the rate we’re going, I’m definitely expecting nothing less than extraordinary accomplishments!

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