• Chromabit’s Langkawi Trip

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  • lunch @ Sushi tei

    Fun Friday Lunch at Sushi Tei

    At Chromabit, we love it when our boss calls us and asks to get ready because he is planning to buy us lunch. First, there’s the flurry of decision-making—what place are we eating, what’s on the menu, what time will we be leaving? And then the office settles into a…

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  • Bowling Fun Friday

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  • IMG_4781.JPG

    The Settler of Catan!

    Last Friday we had a gathering session in Chromabit with a little board games called ” The Settlers of Catan” Where we’re paired with two of our employee for a team . There was 4 teams in total. The objective of the game is to get the 10 points in order…

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  • 10351407_10152980642604308_3136347507147745510_n

    Christmas Lunch!

    If you have already watched our Christmas video earlier, you’ll know that how excited we were about Christmas. So a week before Christmas, Desmond had us to draw for Secret Santa. Each member will be the Secret Santa for another member and put the present under the Christmas tree.  …

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  • Happiness Talk 2

    Happiness Talk

    Do you really know how to be happy? Even if you do, it is still worthwhile to be reminded of the simplest thing you can do – smiling, – and act on it! The ChromaBit team is grateful for Happiness Coach, Nina Ray generously sparing her time to give us…

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  • nasi-lemak

    Having Lunch At Village Park

    If you follow our blog for some time, you will know we have this Fun Friday every Friday. Every Friday, we go somewhere else to have some activity together, we went to Escape Room few weeks ago and playing CashFlow online last Friday. So, what about this Friday? (Which is…

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  • brainstorming

    Our First Emphnessy Session!

    Last Friday, we held an emphnessy session. According to Desmond, emphnessy is actually a Greek word that means ‘brainstorm’. So like the name suggested, we did a brainstorming session on how we can improve the office’s condition & culture and how we can improve the conversion of our projects. We…

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  • IMG_4592

    The Making of ChromaBit’s Xmas Video

    This year, we’re going to present to you how ChromaBit embarrasses themselves to death as Christmas greeting…nah, kidding. But, for the records we were embarrassed as hell while recording this video. So, we decided to do a lipdub of one of the most known Christmas song in human history, Mariah…

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  • Goal Setting Exercise

    Goal Visualizing Exercise

    A slightly different activity than the usual Fun Friday, we have a Visualization Exercise in the office instead for the rest of the afternoon. How we prepped? Whiteboard, markers, post-it notes (that actually sticks!), pen, and of course our dreamy brains. Except, we have all intentions to turn those dreams…

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