• Thanksgiving


    Time certainly flies, it’s already Thanksgiving! Pretty soon it’ll be Christmas, and before you know it, we’ll be back to making our annual New Year resolutions (which most of us don’t keep)! As we are an American company at core, of course we had to celebrate Thanksgiving! Malaysia does not…

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  • IMG_4448

    Reza’s Surprise Birthday

    If you have read our recent blog posts on our team’s birthdays, you would realize that here at ChromaBit, we’re big fans of birthday surprises! And for the very last birthday celebration for 2015, of course we had to do another surprise! On November 3rd, it was our Media Director,…

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    Angeline’s Surprise Birthday

    It’s birthday week here at ChromaBit! We have 2 members with birthdays this week, first up is Angeline! The night before, Tascha created a new Whatsapp group (excluding the birthday girl, of course!) to plan for a surprise for Angeline. Since Angeline is quite a fan of cupcakes (she even…

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  • IMG_4466

    Fun Friday: Halloween Night!

    Halloween is not big here in Malaysia, but no one can deny that getting dressed up and getting scared/spooked on the supposedly ‘scariest night of the year’ isn’t fun! So this year, we decided to shake things up a bit by attending Sunway Lagoon’s Nights of Fright 3.0! For those…

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    Changing Lives

    Everyone wants to make a difference. Everyone wants to be able to play a role, big or small, that could cause a positive impact on the world. Everyone wants to leave their lasting footprint on earth, even after being long gone. Here at ChromaBit, we can proudly say that what…

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    Fun Friday: Massage Session!

    So we’ve been extremely busy the last couple of weeks what with getting our latest projects up and running. The good news is the projects hit the market way better than expected! And of course, it’s ChromaBit’s tradition to celebrate these little achievements! Our team spends hours glued to their…

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    Fun Friday: William’s Surprise Birthday Celebration!

    William’s birthday this year got a little interesting. Let me just explain what went down. So a couple of weeks before his birthday, during lunch, we were all discussing our birthdays and how we have celebrated them. When asked, William said his birthday would only be next year, which we…

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  • 12188798_10153069551441059_904546573_n

    Eid Mubarak

    If you’re a Malaysian, then you’ll know regardless of what race you are, we celebrate every single festival! The video below is ChromaBit’s take on Eid Mubarak 2015!  

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  • IMG_2872

    Fun Friday: Tascha’s Birthday

    We recently had a lot of changes in our team, both positive and negative ones. What better way to celebrate the new vibes and kick out the bad ones than having a Fun Friday? And so, that’s what we did. Since it was Tascha’s birthday last Tuesday, we decided to…

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  • Fun Friday: Escape Room (Round 2)

    So for our most recent Fun Friday, which was last week, the team decided to take another go at Escape Room, Times Square. This time round, the room we chose was ‘Taken: The Perfect Abduction’. The story behind the room was the president’s daughter had been kidnapped, and we, acting…

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