Be A Part Of The Work Culture Transformation


When our CEO and founder Desmond Ong, half tipsy – half drunk, chatted up billionaire CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh – he knew one thing that he needs to incorporate into ChromaBit.

So few companies out there can be considered “awesome” as they plowed on hoping to either get more profits while creating havoc and unhappiness among their employees. We say screw that and do it our own way.


We strive to be different.We like ideas. We like casual. We like awesomeness. We like creativity. We like commitments.

We don’t work 9-5 ever. You get to work from home. You get to choose your own lifestyle. And best of all, ChromaBit makes you a better person from the day you walk into our office.


A few of the things you can expect from working here

Global Reach

Because the Internet is global, we’re lucky enough to be able to work with people from every part of the Earth. Plus, you get to work with some authorities and celebrities in different markets!

Casual Culture

We believe culture makes or break a company. And that’s why we’ve invested so much into making sure we have a great culture among our teams and our customers.

Travel With Us

We believe that travel broadens mind. It helps you see the world differently and makes you more cultured. At ChromaBit, we travel as a team 3-4 times per year to multiple exotic locations around Asia and Europe.

Reinvest In You

We encourage our team members to go out there to pursue your own dreams. ChromaBit will always be there to fund your ideas and to help out in other ways possible.

Learn And Grow

We believe that in life, we should always be learning to improve our lifestyle and broaden our minds. We send our team members to events, seminars and masterminds to learn more about the Internet, technology, health and many more.

Project Bonuses

We believe in rewarding great work ethics. A successful project always result in extra bonuses to your salary to help boost your earnings.


ChromaBit wants to change the world for the better. You can choose a job that is just like a hamster wheel – spinning and spinning and nothing happens; or you can join us.

Do something that you can be proud of. Do something that can change the world together with a group of people who think the same way.


The awesome thing is; we’re always hiring. But we don’t hire just anyone.

Truth is, we’re looking for passionate and hungry individuals to join us. Degrees are great, but not necessary. We value passion over education.