Be A Part Of The Work Culture Transformation

Your dream job is finally here!

Imagine a job where you get to get paid to travel, get paid to improve yourself and get paid to simply be yourself? Imagine a job where you get to mingle and hang with best-selling authors, speakers and top trainers in the world? Imagine the opportunity to travel, meet new people and help them with their business endeavors? Imagine a job where you need not to work from 9 to 5, get to choose your own lifestyle and work at the comfort of your own home?

Here at Chromabit, we strive to be different. We like ideas. We like casual. We like awesomeness. We like creativity. We like commitments.

We don’t work 8 hours ever. You get to work remotely.  You have flexible hours, independence, plus the best team to train you. On top of it all, ChromaBit makes you a better person from the very first day you walk into our office.

Want to be a part of something big? Then be
a part of ChromaBit now!

We are currently looking for passionate, hard-working individuals who are willing to experience an awesome and fun career! If you are strong-willed and determined, then fill-out the form below and submit your latest CV.

Start Working With:

  • Flexible hours
  • Entrepreneurship opportunities
  • High bonuses and commissions
  • Office which is right next to MRT station
    (so you don’t need to drive)
  • The top speakers in the world as well
    as best-selling author

Don’t think twice! Here are the 5 top reasons
why you should consider working
in our company:

Generous payout and bonuses

We are proud to say that because our company is able to help so many people, our growth has been very consistent. This allows us to reward our team will really good bonuses and payout!

Again, flexible hours & independence

Who wouldn’t love these? You can choose to work from home, work in cafés, work from your bed, work in our office or anywhere you want. There’s no clock-in and clock-out. We are given a deadline & how you finish it is your choice.

We adapt the job scope around you

Most jobs in the market want you to adapt to their job scope. Here in this company, we design the job scope around your strength, and not your weakness!

Company investing in you

Our company has a side fund that funds your education, as well as your side project. If you want to attend a class or seminar to improve yourself, let us know and we will sponsor you. If you want to start a side business whilst being employed, but couldn’t find the fund to do it, let us know and we will invest in you. We believe in investing in our “assets” – and in this case, you.


Such a simple word, but so hard to explain. Because your job involves helping people through transformation processes (for example, helping someone out of debts, helping someone to fix relationships etc.) – this is an extremely fulfilling job.

And so much more!

If you want to know more about what we do, and
if this company fits you — all you need to do is
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We are hiring for multiple positions. Just let us know what you can do – and if it’s a good fit, we will call you for an interview.