Angeline’s Surprise Birthday

It’s birthday week here at ChromaBit! We have 2 members with birthdays this week, first up is Angeline!

The night before, Tascha created a new Whatsapp group (excluding the birthday girl, of course!) to plan for a surprise for Angeline. Since Angeline is quite a fan of cupcakes (she even bakes and sells them!), and since none of us have the talent in making cupcakes, we decided to buy some for her. We got some red velvet cupcakes from Cupcake Chic plus some props for the surprise.

Tascha was the first one to arrive the next day and she noticed that something was off when she entered the building. There was no electricity in Tower A! The rest came later and we came up with an alternative plan– to go to Grab Coffee café downstairs. Unfortunately, the ENTIRE building was affected by the power outage and this means the shop lots too!

The only place that was not affected was Old Town White Coffee. It was quite crowded but we managed to find a table for 6 and waited for Angeline to come. While waiting, we decorated the cupcakes with the birthday candles. It was all glittery and the red velvet cupcakes looked really good!


When we saw Angeline coming down from the escalator, we quickly tried to light up the candles but we were literally sitting below a fan and the wind was blowing out every single of our effort on lighting the candles! Overall it was a failed attempt but in the end we managed to light up one candle. Better than nothing, right? We sang a chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’ for her and Angeline did the usual awkward face expression everybody does when other people sing birthday songs for them. I totally understand the feeling! We all wished her a happy birthday and gave her a gift, a necklace with angel wings pendant, pun-intended!



Even though the original plan totally went south, but nonetheless it was still a good celebration. Happy 22nd Birthday again Angeline!

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