The Settler of Catan!

Last Friday we had a gathering session in Chromabit with a little board games called ” The Settlers of Catan”

Where we’re paired with two of our employee for a team . There was 4 teams in total.

The objective of the game is to get the 10 points in order to win. To collect the points , you need to be the next Einstein to be more strategic in building your own territory.

You need to be a good negotiator in order to trick your opponent into believing you’re one of them or against them.
You’ll need to be convincing enough also to make allies or enemy.


The winner on that day was non-other than our VideoLord, Reza where he was trying to be sneaky.

With that said , I’m gonna wrap up this session and archive this in my Most Awesome Friday Days at Chromabit.

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