Our First Emphnessy Session!

1832h0rh2am9ejpgLast Friday, we held an emphnessy session. According to Desmond, emphnessy is actually a Greek word that means ‘brainstorm’. So like the name suggested, we did a brainstorming session on how we can improve the office’s condition & culture and how we can improve the conversion of our projects.

We were briefed on the emphnessy session on Monday and we were told to make a presentation slides of what we want to convey. On Friday, it was pretty obvious that a lot of us put an enormous amount in making the slides, because damn, all the slides were looking pretty!

We arranged the chair of our dining space in a straight curve and Jay, had been the fortunate soul to present his slides first and William was the last one to present his idea.

I was shocked to listen to a lot of great ideas that I wouldn’t be able to think of myself. I think a lot of us also take this opportunity to learn more about each other roles when we presented ideas on how we can improve our conversion.

Desmond said that there’s a lot of great ideas that we can implement in our company for the upcoming 2015 so that was great. In fact, one of the suggestions presented during the session is being executed now. Dean had this idea to do mini business experiment and Desmond agreed to it and right now all of us are planning our own mini business to sell on Shopify. It’d be interesting to see who’ll win because the prize is *drum rolls* an iPad mini!

So, back to the emphnessy session, overall it was a great session because we can speak out about our ideas and I hope in the future, there will be more emphnessy session!

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